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SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO
reply to TuxRaiderPen

Re: Do the technology shuffle.

said by TuxRaiderPen:

* - GSM is not a synonym for UMTS. GSM and UMTS are differing technologies RF wise and not related. They share a backend structure which makes upgrading from GSM to UMTS to LTE pretty much simple, and but they are NOT SYNONYMOUS!


How is this any different? ?

Generally the industry refers to the 3gpp track as the "GSM" track. Most of the companies started with GSM, upgraded to UMTS, and are upgrading to LTE - all standards set by the 3gpp.

Kinda like how people refer to Sprint and VZW as "CDMA" networks. They're actually CDMA2000, but who gives a damn?

Two carriers, differing technologies one has to go away! Ok at least you learned that lesson... but how do you wholesale convert everything to LTE....and who is going to pay for the handset conversions? ? metroPCS subs ARE NOT! Thats another $$$ investment...

If you read up on the statements you'd see that MetroPCS subs turn over phones at about a 60% rate. Over the span of 3 years (assuming some people update more frequently while others take a bit longer) the natural rate of handset turnover means that Metro subs aren't being forced into some horrendous transition. They'll naturally do it themselves, assuming the existing trend continues.

There is no savings in this merger just as there was none in the sprexhoostgin one. The one big factor that tmobile has going is that it didn't pollute the airwaves with iDEN and have to spend BILLIONS to clean it all up. Thats billons that could have been put into coverage ie: real towers v. roaming on VZW or no coverage.

LOL. T-Mobile isn't doing this as a "cost savings". Those are your words. Their primary motive is to gain liquidity on T-Mobile USA. Their close secondary motive is to gain spectrum in large markets where spectrum is tight.

Spin it all you want, its the same thing.

Only if you know quite literally nothing about the wireless spectrum.

Differing carriers merge for no real good reason... other than a DT exit strategy to get out of the US market..

Where is the $$$ coming from to convert all of MetroPCS to LTE. That $$ from craptt won't cover this.. Surely you would not convert to UMTS and then LTE. Oh wait the LTE voice, voLTE is still in debacle,errr... committee......So you need at least UMTS and LTE...

Which is precisely what they've said all along. All new handsets sold by Metro would be UMTS/HSPA handsets.

Maybe if you had the $$$$ to wholesale mass convert everything on metroPCS from CDMA to UMTS and LTE en masse this would go smoother. Tmobile does not, so this will...be exactly like the last mess... change the players and the technologies involved. Same tune.

Let the new sprexhell begin...

Again. 60-65% handset turnover rate each year = most metro customers will upgrade themselves. This is already well documented.

The time you spent writing up your poorly-researched diatribe could have ironically been spent on lowering your blood pressure by reading the details of the merger.

This is far more like the Alltel->ATT divestiture than anything.
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