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London, ON

[Express] Intermittent loss of cable connection

Hey guys, I'm faced with a problem at my gf's mom's house.
Her cable internet randomly dies with no apparent reason.

Here's what we've tried:
First, they had an old old D2 modem and an old wireless router.
Replaced wireless router with a newer one. Same problem.
Replaced wireless router with a brand new one, different brand. Same problem.
Replaced cable modem with a new SMC router/modem combo & set to bridged mode.
Connection was stable for a while but again conked out today.
Usually it would work fine when I was there, but yesterday I saw on the old modem, it lost the connection. Meaning the "Internet" light on the modem went dark which seems like it's losing it's DOCSIS connection.

The old modem didn't have any diagnostics that I could find.
The SMC probably does, but setting it to bridge mode seems to have completely disabled the web interface, so I can't get back to it.
Possibly I can reset it back into router mode(any tips on that would be helpful).

The SMC is connected to a splitter which splits the signal between the modem and one TV. The signal level at the modem is fine according to Rogers tech support.
The splitter is a 2 way digital cable tv splitter which passes up to a 1GHz signal. The same problem was happening with the old modem and new router at a different location in the house, which we've tried in case the line was bad in the current location.

Of course once you get through to Rogers tech support, the modem has come back online and they don't see any problems on the line.

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions about what to tell the tech support people to look for, that would be appreciated.


London, ON

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believe it or not this is a very common occurance regarding splitters and modems. the key to resolving this issue is to purchase an Antronix 5-1000mhz 2 way splitter (identical to rogers issue) and to ensure the downstream cable used to connect the modem and TV is identical to the type used to bring cable into your dwelling. Use only the length of cable necessary to avoid signal loss and ensure the cable is away from power source lines etc. Make sure the cable line is only grounded once that being at the first splitter coming in from the outside line.

Been there, done that.............


London, ON
I can give it a shot with a different splitter, thanks. Do you know where in London I can get one? The one I used at her house is the same one I used at my place which has the same frequency pass through range as the Antronix.

I had a Rogers supplied one that died on me about 1-2 months after they installed it.


London, ON
Forest City Surplus sells them for $2.49 each. They work like a charm...............