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reminds me of the danse russe
Chandler, AZ
reply to El Quintron

Re: ATI Linux Catalyst drivers

said by El Quintron:

What I'm curious about, is as far as proprietary drivers are concerned, is AMD/ATI getting up to speed with Nvidia?

It would be nice...

i will preface this by saying that i've never used nvidia drivers on linux systems (hard for me to think of the last time i've even had an nvidia card).

that being said -- i am still running mint11 on my ati6470m (1gb ddr3) in my hp laptop and i'm quite happy with the performance. there were a few things i needed to tweak from within compiz config to make sure my rendering was up to snuff (vsynch being one of them and overriding my settings in amdcccle causing atrocious performance).
i currently don't use the card for much -- basic extended display sometimes, running the laptop most of the other time. i use vmware workstation 8 on the box -- and run aero successfully inside of the vm. a few things are a little "slower" (move my mouse in a circle while moving an item on the desktop, etc) -- but nothing that is a show stopper. the only major complaint is that compiz won't let me run it and a fullscreened vm with 3d acceleration enabled (display goes bat-nuts) -- but thats not because of the card.

i'm happy with ati. the only real "complaint" is that switching resolutions/monitors doesn't always happen on the fly -- sometimes a log-out/log-in must happen to restart compiz/gdm. again -- i think thats software and not the card/driver blobs.

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El Quintron
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Etobicoke, ON
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Thank you for letting me know, I've always used nvidia, and will until this card lives out its useful life, but I was previously under the impression that nvidia was the way to go with Linux, it's nice the know I can get an ATI card next time around and not have to fiddle too much.
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