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TiVo Man

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Re: [Price] Cable Card Pricing!!

About 6 months ago Comcast changed my CC cost from $1.50/each per month to $1.15/each per month, AO fee $0. This is in the Hartford CT area. The above posts is of some concern to me as i have 4 CCs

Huntsville, AL
said by TiVo Man :

The above posts is of some concern to me as i have 4 CCs

This kind of fee structure would make your media configuration ridiculously expensive. The obvious solution would be to change to a system that utilizes internal streaming to media extender type devices. But the equipment cost and limited available choices make that somewhat distasteful.
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Yep, all of us card users should be concerned - others have posted on tivocommunity.com that they are now getting hit with A/O's for extra cards where they didn't before. Comcast may finally be auditing card usage systemwide and adjusting bills accordingly, I have seen more than one person over at TCF say that they don't get charged at all for cards (and get $2.50 credits for each!).

If Tivo ever delivers the Mini (IP STB) to 'extend' a 4-tuner XL4, this would be a viable option in addition to using Windows Media Center, because you may only need one card. But no one knows when they will do so.