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West Chester, OH

MagicJack Question 1 (MJ vs MJ Plus)

My local MicroCenter has the old style MagicJack, vs MagicJack Plus, and I don't need any fancy features. I just need to allow an elderly friend to place outbound calls from her home to the phone of a friend who resides within the same state. She likely will not receive any inbound calls on the MagicJack. She has very little income and phone cards and cell phone minutes are tee expensive.

Does the MJ (standard?) work for this vs the MJ+?

She will be using her laptop to make the connection. She does not have access to the building's wireless router.
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Re: MagicJack Question 1 (MJ vs MJ Plus)

The difference between original MJ and MJ+ is that the original MJ has to run off a PC or MAC's USB port and requires a client to run on the PC/MAC in order to use it, while the MJ+ can still do that, but also allows you to connect it directly to the a router and not have to run a PC/MAC to use it.

You say that she will be using a laptop, but to me, it's inconvenient to need 1. a laptop 2. an MJ dongle (MJ) 3. a phone and phone line all plugged into each other just to make a phone call.

The MJ+ would be easier as you can just attach it to the router and plug it into a phone and viola...make calls over the phone.


Pen Argyl, PA
HANDYMAN:I guess you missed the part where he said she does NOT have access to the router.

ARTESIAN79: Yes she can use the Plus in the USB port of her laptop.. If she can get the orig MJ ( hopefully she can still find one) cheaper that will work as well in the USB port of her laptop.
Just be aware SOME laptop USB ports may not have enough power to their USB port, in that case you will need a POWERED USB hub.
Joe Sica