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West Chester, OH

MJ (Not MJ+) Question 2 (1 handset for land line and MJ?)

I hope to help an elderly friend use MJ connected to her laptop. I've confirmed her LANs speeds are well higher than the MJ requirements. Her new laptop will support the requirements as well.

She has very limited space for a second handset, and wears hearing aids so it is best for her to use the handset she has now. She will be using the MJ to place only outbound long distance calls. She will continue to use her current land line for incoming calls through a switchboard.

Can I place an RJ11 splitter on the back of her phone, assuming it has modular wiring, so that she can use it on either the MJ or the land line without having to move the phone from one cord to another? If this works, would it also happen to work if her friend became able to call her (ie. inbound to her phone via the MJ)?

Thank you!


You can't use a splitter to combine two different phone lines. Ever~! She can't even use a two line phone without some rube goldberg kludged wiring.

What she'll end up having to do is either buy a second handset for the MJ or unplug the one she has and plug into the MJ to make outgoing calls.


West Chester, OH
Oh how foolish of me! Of course you cannot!

I'd delved down into MJ too far to even realize what the question implied. Thanks for not ranting.