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Cleveland, OH
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Re: It will be

No it won't. Sprint NEVER tried to move customers from one network to the other. Instead they allowed customers to move between them. Sprint set it up to fail, maybe even hoping they'd be bought up. But in the end, they failed and still are feeling those affects. They maybe trying to still turn around, but they are far from really improving. They won't be able to do that until they start bringing in some HUGE amounts of money and their recent beatings over LTE is just the start of the company going down again.

Sprint used to pride itself with the street level coverage map, but now moving away from it? Seems crazy to me since others are now going to it. Sprint will never be the company they were at one time. But if they brought back a TON of their CSRs including the Nextel reps - who knew what they were doing- they'd improve much more. But that won't happen.