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Smyrna, GA
reply to AMDUSER

Re: [Rant] Lazy UPS drivers...

said by AMDUSER:

Well, UPS is up to another one of its tricks again in my neigborhood..

They pulled the same thing at my office on Monday. Had two packages I was expecting. Both said they were out for delivery then magically at noon it said they were going to be delivered the next day due to "business closed for holiday". Driver never even came by.


Jeffersonville, IN
UPS did that to a package I was expecting monday from Amazon. Then mysteriously I got a email from Amazon saying it was delivered and opened my door and there it sat. UPS tracking said delivered on tuesday.

Then yesterday they delivered a package to my apt complex office after the office told them they dont accept packages for me the driver came back after the office was closed and left it on their doorstep. The apt manager brought it to me that evening and UPS had left a door tag on my door saying it was left at the office.