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Cleveland, OH
reply to MovieLover76

Re: It will be

prepaid customers actually buy more phones as they're not tied to just one phone and a contract or the cost to change the ESN. On the GSM side, it would be easy for a Metro customer go to their local Target or TMO store and buy a phone without doing much.

And with TMO "supporting" the iPhone5 more and more people will likley buy it now and use it on the new company.


·T-Mobile US
hottboi we actually semi agree on something.. Also the fact that TMO is looking to put metro pcs customers on HSPA while deploying there own LTE so all those previous refurbished HSPA smart phone ( and feature phones) will be a easy sale to Metro customers for a price much less than purchasing a new TMO LTE enabled phone not to mention they can still label it a 4G phone as Metros LTE is just as fast as TMO HSPA. Heck TMO could/ might actually give Metro customers free refurbished comparable TMO HSPA phones (post and prepaid customers) to Metro customers who choose to stay to keep them happy.