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Mmm Burnt Toast
Mesa, AZ
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Re: Recommend a game

there are a bunch of good games from Valve that you could play. Any of the CS / TFC / DOD games are fun for multi-player. For single player HL or HL2 are good.

I've been really addicted to the Assassin's Creed games in the past few weeks.. I beat the first game in about 10 hours and i'm almost done with the second one.

There is always Minecraft as a "no end" Sandbox game.. It is good for just sitting there to vegging out.. Plus with so many Mods / Texture Packs you could keep your self entertained for weeks.

If you want something F2P DC Universe or LoTRO are fun. they are another one of my filler games that i play when i want to just waste some time. I dont play it as much as i should.. However i do not want another WOW type game taking up all my life..
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