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Mr. Wireless

reply to TLS2000

Re: [Rant] Ontario Photo ID card now available at more locations

TLS thanks but that arguement has NOTHING to do with my post. please stop bringing it up, its irrelivant. Refusal for valid ID vs refusal for ANY OTHER REASON is 2 different things here, weather you want to believe it or not. I have never stepped into a casino, and the one time i did, i was never carded, mind you i do not look like a 12 year old so they have no reason to ask me for id. not sure who the ARGO is, and what they do, but if they refuse someone because their driving privledges are "expired" but they can clearly tell the persons age based on the information on the card, all that tells me is they are simply being pricks. they have the information they just want to be a prick about it, but thats not the discussion for this thread, thats for another thread, cus i first have to find out who the AGCO (spelling?) is and what they do?
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Listen man, claiming my argument is invalid because you're ignorant doesn't make me wrong.

"Valid photo card only" means it MUST be accompanied by the temp licence or it is invalid. Claiming otherwise is just spreading misinformation.

AGCO is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. They are the ones that regulate what ID is acceptable for a person to use in Ontario for the purposes of buying alcohol or tobacco, or claiming lottery or casino winnings.

They aren't refusing entry based on driving privileges being expired, they're refusing entry based on the FACT that an expired drivers licence is no longer valid ID in Ontario.

Again, ID can be refused for any reason whatsoever, solely at the discretion of the person asking for it.

Mr. Wireless

i dont have a temp licence, i have no licence i cant provide a temp licence right now
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