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Sheffield Lake, OH
reply to Arne Bolen

Re: [Voip.ms] Failover options when server down

said by Arne Bolen:

said by VexorgTR:

CallWithUs sort of makes me chuckle when I think about it. I don't take it as a serious communication company,

I disagree. CallWithUs is a real good communication provider, especially for business users.

I'm not hating on CallWithUs... but I can't see them as a top rated go to because.......

1. No E911
2. No Number Porting
3. Billing/Payment system does not support auto recharge
4. Non-robust server structure.

Therefore, I would consider them as a supplement or a secondary. I'm not hating on them. What they do, they do just fine.


I haven't tried it but I like the idea that callwithus does one thing: provide DIDs.

And after the attack on CC, if I ran a business using voip, I would get two or three DIDs from two or three companies like callwithus - small companies that had a good track record; then, if the vosp I used for outgoing was attacked, it would be easy to switch to a backup, while the incoming DIDs were unaffected.

I would count on the small size of the companies providing the DIDs to shield them from the interest of internet psychos; but if one was targeted, I would still have two other numbers for customers to call.