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Gen4 upgrade Fri... throttle down on speed started!

Installed the 5th, Friday and throttle down started Mon slowly from 10-11Mbps to 2.60 today. Everyday less and less haven't had it a week. Same crap happened on the ProPlus 1.5Mps plan for 2 yrs gradually to just above dial up. Testing via HughesNet built in 5x's/5 for average along with online testing site and keeping hard copy of results - as if that'll help.

I work from this system, no gaming, lots of research and pay based on contingency. At this rate I can't even branch out due to having to produce a SpeakEasy report with consistent downloads.

No where near monthly allowance... blame it on the customer every time. BUT.... customer service "you are in the zone" UP TO..... Even the installers bragged about the speed when they were here, best signal they had gotten so far and speed with new Gen 4.

So what is the problem HughesNet? No it's not my computer and NO I am not accepting your explanation.... "You are within UP TO" range from someone who can't even speak English. Extremely disgruntled and no other choice!!!!


Salvisa, KY
Probably best to try and get help on the community site for HN... Remember your case number, oh, and what beam are you on? I haven't seen many complain about speed, I am still getting 10-12Mbps just fine.

A Tech

reply to sicofit
with SAN and FSO in a PM I can have a look at it.


Grand Saline, TX
reply to sicofit
I could have written this (about HN9000). I logged on to see what people are saying about Gen 4...considering my options when I email corporate to let them know their latest attempt to fix the problem failed). Not lookin' too good yet.


Hughes is a joke. Im not shocked Gen 4 is the same old bs. Hughes net will tell you they are trying to fix the problem then a month later you have a case number and everything they tell you there is no record of it and it is all your fault. I wont deal with them again. I only came here to see some reactions to Gen 4 but I had a feeling it was the same old garbage.