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Slow DSL speeds in Sugarland/Richmond TX area! Help!

Been experiencing latency issues for the last 3 days, disrupting my work and education obligations. Tech support is ok, but there are folks 3 or 4 levels above them that we have zero access to or information. There is poor communication internally and even poorer communication to customers. This isn't the first time this has happened. This happened a month ago where my speeds dropped to less than 1 mb/s. This happened again last year and persisted for almost a month. I've been a customer for 3 years and I pay for 12 mb/s via fiberline, but that's not even my concern. I'd be happy with simply being able to load a webpage all the way through!!! What gives??? I would post a speedtest screenshot but the webpage doesn't even load!


same problem with me i think they have some problem in fiberline


Something is up with the line. This morning before work I was hitting on all cylinders - presumably because nobody was using the internet that early in the morning. Now I'm barely hitting 1 mb/s. I imagine people are getting back home, logging on the internet, and jamming up the lines again. Clearly something is faulty and we are in black hole. Shared bandwidth is a pain, why doesn't Windstream build redundancy?


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In Sugar Land area and want to say that this is still going on.

paying for 12mbps.

From afternoon to nighttime, it has been hella ping. Average ping is high 30s to low 40s.

I have been getting 120-180ms as my ping...

Oh yea and my download and upload speeds have been around half.


I'm in the Old Orchard subdivision. I have called windstream tech support 6 or 7 times this week. The answer I get is that there is a slow speed outtage and no ETA. This is so frustrating. Everyone call up billing and ask for a refund. I called today and got $19 but still doesn't help me get my work done. I'm up at at 1am and the best I am getting is 1.52 mbps.


Whitney, TX
reply to kcrew98
Welcome to the hell that is Windstream..You are just begining the battle some here have dealt with for more than 3 years with still no end in sight!! When they are the only game in town what do you do?? I live in Whitney, Texas and this issue has gone for 3 months now.First Etr I was given was 10/4..Nothing happened..Now the date is 12/31..Which I do not believe will happen!!


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Past 2 yrs. my 12 mbps was great after they put filter in outside box and all was great. Now for past few months my avg. download is between 6-8 Mbps and upload avg. between .62- 1.08 Mbps. I will be calling them Sat. 10th to demand a solution and ask for my last few months be pro-rated. They can state that speed is due to large count of people accessing, but I know better. They had to upgrade their lines a few years back due to poor quality and oh I can also add that I know about networks and server routing...I do this for a living supporting networks and Messaging globally. I'm located in Sugar Land (Townewest) without experiencing major issues for the last 4 yrs. Their network is degrading and needs to be upgraded or have their data centers better distributed.


Yes, today is 11/20/2012 and speeds are worse than dial up, literally. We go through this so often that Comcast is looking pretty fine. There is no consistency, and we pay for 12 Mbps but NEVER get that, except once in a million speed tests.


Sugar Land, TX
I'm getting 40-50kiB/s download on a 12Mb/s account in Sugar Land.

I hope this doesn't go on for nine months like last time.

With windstream constantly giving a "resolution date" of two weeks in the future.


Houston, TX
reply to kcrew98
My internet started acting up 3 days ago where the speeds were 40/50k and today its completely dead...cant get an IP...reset the router numerous times. Not running DSL, running Fiber.


Houston, TX
reply to kcrew98
Is your internet back up or is it still down?

Mr Momin

I live in Sugarland near Chelsea Harbour. My net has been down since Thursday morning. Kids are at home from school for Thanksgiving vacation and cant go online. Anyone know if i can move my business to another company? I know Windstream is the only DSL provider but what about cable? any suggestions?

Mr Medina

Same here (Sugar Land , Near CH), Conection has been down since Thursday. Called several times and finally got a very discuraging answer. "THe Line Speed will be very slow, limited, or non existent until Decmber 2 ..." Argument: 'We have known about the speed issue, we are upgrading equipment ..... " Very Lame excuse, you do not make your customer base suffer for your inefficiencies, NOT on Holidays, not for such a long period of time and specially NOT WITHOUT HEADS UP.
Comcast / Xfinity may be the way to go. They are available in the area.


Also in sugar land, been with alltel/windstream for years. They have been about halh the speed or less then what i pay for for a long time now, but it was bearable. Now these last weeks its slower then 56k and when i call, they offer me a 4$ credit on my bill..
Today still no service, my phone is more useful, hope to change providers asap.


I've also been having very erratic DSL service the past few months. I have 12Mbps service (sometimes).

Got a letter in mail yesterday saying 24Mbps is now available in New Territory, but need a new modem for $120, no rebates, site visit required. Decided to wait for rebate. Nothing on Windstream website about 24Mbps.