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Fo' Shizzle
Houston, TX

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reply to Semaphore

Re: PTP link problem, 300ft with NanostationM2

said by Semaphore:

Both sides. Size it a bit bigger than reality, I went about 9% more than the actual distance ....

That is good advice in general, but on a 300 foot link a setting of zero miles is still the most appropriate.

Edit - @ TheHox. I just looked at your site survey screen shot. You definitely need to get off of channel eleven. It looks like your best frequency would be 2.449 Mhz which would be available with channel shifting enabled, as I described above.


Yes I got off 11, that channel was horrible.

I've tried channel 3, 4, and the one you just mentioned. Most I ever got was 30mbps, but just once. Average tests were around 15mbps.

I hooked it up to the router last night and everyone is using it, according to the MT router peak dl was 12mb, but I just saw it spike to 17mbps for a brief second. Still not happy with it, I've tried 20mhz width and 40mhz, channel shifting vs not, different ACK timings, AirMax on/off, adjusting the physical antenna.

I want to get something 5ghz to just test it compared to the 2.4ghz I have up. If anything it is a good learning experience for me. If I go 5ghz, powerbridge or nanobridge? Difference in cost of a few hundred isn't a huge deal if I can get the most out of it. I'd assume any device in 5ghz should be better than what I have here now. Or go crazy and go 10ghz?

Thanks again for the help.


5.8ghz will blow the 2.4ghz stuff out of the water,

for 300ft you could use NanostationLocoM5's if you wanted.. Last year I did a shot in a small town about 4 blocks with two NanostationM5's and I was getting VERY close to maxing out the ethernet port. I highly recommend