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Merrickville, ON
reply to peasmould

Re: New x-10/CFL problem?

I've switched most of my old X-10 crap with Insteon, which I really like. I've heard Z-Wave is also good and popular. Unfortunately, "good" comes at a price. :-(
What I do is watch for any sort of sale (which are few and far between) and buy a couple of items at a time.

My Insteon switches work fine with the new dimmable LED lights, but not so great with dimmable CFL bulbs (not that I'm especially surprised). THis is the one thin I hate about the push to CFLs, is that I'd much rather have a few lights (ie. outside) run at 25% brightness overnight than either ON or OFF.
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Thanks b_p,
I'll check out Insteon before we pick anything to replace x-10. It may not need to be as soon as I thought, however. In response to family complaints about insufficient light, gloomy starts and dimmers not working any more, I had to retire a dozen of the new CFLs today, after only a week of trial!