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Norman, OK

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reply to planet

Re: router security using guest access

said by planet:

The Linksys E1500 is a cheaper router. Paid somewhere around $99. The guest account is seen via SSID as an unsecured network. However, a password is needed to access the internet. I'm assuming it's similar to an open wifi (like Starbucks) where you'd be provided a password to get on the net.

I'm wondering how secure it is when not in use. Theoretically, could someone connect to the router and do mischief w/o accessing internet with needed password?

Have you tested that? I presume you have changed the routers admin password to something other than the default.

What happens if you use a program like inSSIDer on a wireless computer? Does the guest network showup as not being secured?

I would post to the Linksys forums for help with that question...



I would in anycase use a long password. The Cisco help page indicates you can use a max 32-character alphanumeric password...


FWIW my ZyXEL cost me $20 a few years ago on sale, including an 802.11g USB adapter for a laptop, so cost is certainly not a factor...