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Looking for any Start DSL converts in rural areas

I'm currently sitting on a 6Mbps DSL connection with Bell, getting less value for my money.

I am considering switching to another provider.

Start looks good, but I have concerns here about them:

1. They appear to be new. Reviews are this year.
2. Reviews are glowing, in fact, I cannot see any bad.
3. Will Bell sabotage my speed via DSLAM versus CO?

Regarding #1: I'm nervous about new companies.

Regarding #2: 100% positive experiences, is 100% suspicious in my world.

Regarding #3: Have read horror stories of Bell taking fast speeds to much slower and since I run voip off this line, I'm nervous. This would be directed against any independent, not just Start.

I'm looking for your experiences as DSL users, was Start able to sustain your speeds after switching?


London, ON
Thanks for your interest. I'm sure some others will chime in about their experiences, but just a few comments about your questions.

1. We've been around for about 17 years (since 1995), we're only relatively new on this forum.

2. Customer service has really been the cornerstone of our success. That said we do have the occasional hiccup, this DSLR review »Review of Start Communications by Pyramid City details a problem we had shipping a modem, but we had them fixed up within a few hours.

3. You mention 'rural', so it's likely you're already on a remote. If you want to PM me your address and phone # I can take a look at how you'd be served with us.

Thanks for considering us and if you have any other questions just let us know.


Welland, ON
reply to skullan3
I'm a cable customer of Start, so I can't speak about the DSL, but I can speak to the customer service, which has been stellar.

The few times I've had to call in, I just tell them my name and why I'm calling, and I expect to be asked for my address or phone number or to spell my name or something, but they already have my info up by the time I finish telling them why I call. And it's not like I slow down to say my name, or have a name that's easy to spell. That's some careful listening right there.

The only time I had a problem was when I was overcharged for about two weeks because I had to change push out my start date, but then I was charged from the original start date. But when I called them about it, rather than refunding just the days I was overcharged, they just refunded me my whole first month. High five to that!

So yeah, customer service has been great.

Correction: that wasn't the only time I had a problem, but that was the only time it was Start's fault. The other time it was Cogeco's fault, and Start dealt with Cogeco to fix it.


·Start Communicat..
reply to skullan3
Just a quick comment on Start, I'm on their cable steam not their DSL.

Their customer service has been top notch in my view. I had a bit of a hiccup in provisioning my modem but Start was there to basically keep me up to date on where the issue was and what progress had been made. I was never in the dark and the issue was resolved quickly. The staff are friendly and have an eagerness to help you. I can't say anything bad.

YMMV this is just my opinion.


reply to skullan3
I took my discussion of my concerns offline with Rocca, what I can say so far is he is extremely friendly and willing to talk about my concerns/issues.

It left me with a good feeling.

Now, I have a decision to make.

Thanks again Rocca.