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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to Threatco

Re: [MoP] 15% Healing Nerf - Why?

Globabling often is exaggerated, but there are troubles in pvp atm. There are CC's that are not operating in their intended manner. For instance hunter's scatter shot, is supposed to be a disorient(meaning breaks on damage) but currently a hunter can scatter, and dps for the entire duration of scatter, the only way out is to trinket and lol to that.

This is also the case with fear not ever breaking from damage, same for traps, and not sure if its intended or not but DK hungering cold 5 secsof free dps.. as far as I have witnessed. For people not rocking signifigant pvp gear this often means they die before they can perform any action hence claims of being globaled..

I can say though that healing bg's post nerf means If i get tuneled by more than one dps im dead..