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West Tenness

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Re: [HSI] What does everyone think of the new $200 activation fe

said by INtheKnow :

Here is the bottom line as i see it. We live in a capitalistic economy ( at least for the time being who knows after the election )100 meg internet is a choice its like choosing to play golf at the country club instead of the public course. If you make that choice the you must pay a premium. Charter has decided to go this direction no one forces anyone to take that service. If no one pay the fee it will change. mean while when the next speed increase takes place 30 meg will probably move to 60 or 100 meg anyway. If I can can afford $110 per month then $200 one time fee isnt a big deal

Exactly. Now if 100 meg was the ONLY tier and they charged $200 for installation THEN it would be an issue.