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Atlanta, GA
reply to nerdburg

Re: (Un)correctable codeword count high

I think you're right about the problem being in the neighborhood. I received the Zoom 5341J modem and hooked it up. It seems to tolerate the RF issues better than the Motorola did. The problem isn't fixed, as I do still sometimes see T3 errors in the Zoom log, and the errored codeword count increases periodically. However, the frequency of the T3 timeouts seems to have decreased.

I'm considering calling out a tech to check for line noise or other issues. As I mentioned in my previous post, when I moved it to a different drop in the house that had approx 45' less coax and one less barrel connector, the problem actually became worse. I don't understand why this is, but I theorize it's either because my downstream level increased to around 6dBmV from 0-1, and if there is noise on the line then maybe this exacerbated the problem. Or, perhaps the modem locked onto different frequencies that are experiencing more noise issues than where it was previously hooked up.