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Has noone here noticed

that Huawei was 'founded' by a PRC Major, who refuses to give interviews and never allows his company to respond to requests for relevant information? If this company truly has nothing to hide, then they need to provide all details necessary in order to be allowed to build critical infrastructure in the US. However, they refuse to be open about their product.

As for the Goose/Gander issue, any backdoor access by our gov't into US networks is written into law (CALEA, for example). Plus, the US gov't isn't a part owner of any telecom/network here, while the same CANNOT be said of Huawei.

One other point. Lets say for the sake of argument that Huawei isn't in the PRCs pocket. If the Chinese gov't did want to use Huawei for gov't/corporate espionage, and the CEO or other head of the company balked, all they would have to do is initiate a 'corruption' invistigation, and that CEO would be canned immediately, and replaced with someone the Chinese gov't COULD control, unlike here in the US, where people like Jack Welch and Donald Trump are allowed to say and do whatever they want, without US Gov't or political repercussions.

There is also a pattern here with the PRC. Something about a wind farm in Oregon that a Chinese company wants to build, but it just 'happens' to be next to a military test area, and the Obama administration just put a halt to it.

Are we really going to open up our national interest and security at the behest of corporatists, all in the name of corporate greed?


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said by viperlmw:

As for the Goose/Gander issue, any backdoor access by our gov't into US networks is written into law (CALEA, for example).

CALEA was passed so the FBI (a civilian LEA) could have access to digital telco networks for legal court approved wiretapping in individual cases. This is perfectly legal and I don't think most people have a problem with it.

Now, since you have obviously been living under a rock for the last 10 years, let me bring you up to speed.

What most people are concerned with is NSA's (a military agency and a wing of the DoD) illegal and unconstitutional wiretapping of *everyone*. No court order. No oversight. No Nothing.

NSA (just like CIA) is supposed to be for *foreign* intelligence only. However, after 9/11, Bush in all his infinite wisdom, decided that this should change and NSA should be given free reign to monitor all Americans in a big electronic dragnet without any sort of legal oversight. Lawsuits were brought and NSA simply dodged them by declaring "state secrets" which means a court never gets to even hear the case. At that point ACLU realized that suing the NSA was hopeless, so they started to bring the suits against the telcos who were involved. Bush then decides to make telcos immune to lawsuits by convincing Congress to pass a law granting them retroactive immunity.

So this means we are stuck with our new NSA overlords and there's nothing any of us can do short of throwing every single member of Congress who approved this out on their asses. Fat chance of that happening.
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While I appreciate the back door insult, and agree about the NSA, you missed the point. Huawei is owned by the Chinese government, and it's entirely possible that they are doing mischief that only they know about. At least we have a clue about what the NSA is doing, and it is MUCH less likely to perform actions detrimental to the nations critical infrastructure.