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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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[Troubleshooting] ZTE 4G Jetpack only connects to 3G in 4G area

I have a ZTE 4G Jetpack and it is only connecting to 3G in an area that I usually connect to 4G in. I use it regularly at the local public library (while my mother takes care of business downtown, as I am the one to drive her as she doesn't drive) and it usually connects to 4G but for some reason today, it is only connecting to 3G.

I am wondering if it is a network issue or a hardware issue.

The library has Wi-Fi but like I have said many times on DSLR, I don't trust open or public hotspots.

My hotspot is secured, as I don't want the other library patrons using my data. Many of them come here to use the Wi-Fi or the library computers as they can't afford to buy a home connection or a computer. I remember the days when I was young when the only time I had access to the internet was at the library until I got WebTV.
I wish I still lived in Iowa; Everything there from rent and groceries to Cable TV is much cheaper in Iowa (especially with an overbuilder in town).