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[FireFox] Dang New FF for Mac

The newest version for Mac OS X Snow Leopard is 15.01. Just upgraded. With the latest upgrade comes an extremely annoying trait. Before with FF one of the nice features was that for every web site you went to with your monitor on max resolution you could "expand" or "zoom" the size of the site and it's text & Pictures to appear in a comfortable full or near full size monitor image. Great right? Even better, once set, even if you closed FF or rebooted the system remembered so if you went back to that site it was still at the setting you had adjusted it to before.

Now now. With the new Mac 16.01 version each time you close the page or FF the site reverts back to the small size with the max resolution and each time you visit after closing or rebooting you have to readjust again.

What in the hell is wrong with developers?