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West Tenness

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reply to nunya

Re: [HSI] What does everyone think of the new $200 activation fe

said by nunya:

Caps are illegal due to the Sherman Act I already cited in the post.

Sorry saying "Sherman Act" without explaining doesn't cut it.

There is no "bandwidth crunch" on Charters network, and there wouldn't be one without the caps. It's a big made up lie. The caps are clearly instituted as a way to keep people from replacing their CATV content with sources such as Netlflix, Hulu, Vudu and other sources.

Listen we all know why they are doing this. And As I stated many time there are better ways to manage bandwidth than monthly cap. So you're preaching to the choir.

In 1984, AT&T was involuntarily divested for doing the very same thing. Where's the DOJ now? Why isn't Charter being forced to either A) drop the illegal caps or B) divest it's CATV or ISP services?

totally different. You think forcing cable companies to sell off their ISPs would be benefit to consumers but it wouldn't. First how many buyers would there be? Not many. Also many places that are less populated that currently have cable internet might be without it if you were to actually do this plan. Since cable companies no longer have the revenue from internet they will have no choice but to raise prices. Not to mention the technical hurdles of doing this.