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St John'S, NL
reply to Bugblndr

Re: Bell: We don't provide same service to Teksavvy customers

The second Bell technician came by. My speed is now: 21.54 down / 2.16 up. I was told the fiber/box is 0.7 kilometers away from my home, line occupancy is 100% and this is the best they can do unless they move the box closer.

I was told the only way to move the box closer is to file a complaint saying that I'm not getting the service I paid for. I wonder how far that will really get me...

Look, I *need* 3.5Mbps up in order to test software which I am developing. I'd *like* to get at least 5Mbps because I figured I should get at least 50% of what I'm paying for (silly me!). Right now I'm getting neither. I don't mind sacrificing download bandwidth in favor of upload bandwidth, but I was told this isn't possible.

What can I do?


said by cowwoc:

What can I do?

Multi-line is quite possibly your only remotely practical solution.