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Black River Falls, WI
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only if your in a market that has more than a single option. for example i have 2 choices charter internet or Satelite and for anyone who has never used satelite for internet its not viable... dialup is better. when i had satelite i consistantly got 18,000ms latency on good days, preventing me from playing even the most basic games online, preventing me from synching online ANYTHING, preventing me from doing anything except read wikipedia. the 25gig bandwith caps make it so you can barely watch the news clips on cnn or you tube videos let alone hulu or netflix or stream any type of audi or use skype oh and the huge latency prevents any real streaming of anything!

here in wisconsin AT&T has lobbies and pushed into effect laws that make it extremely difficult for newcommers to come into the state or for municipalities to make thier own isp. so in MANY places of america your choice is basicly have internet or no internet NOT a vast choice of isp's to "vote with your wallet"