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2wire with router

have 2wire 2701 and netgear wdr4000 connected. want to use wifi from the netgear, so i disabled 2wire wireless, plugged ethernet from lan port to netgear wan port. setup the wifi security on netgear. all working fine. BUT is this the proper setup? i notice they are on different IPs (2wire = netgear = and dhcp is set to ON for both routers. PPPoE is in the 2wire settings. I didnt touch the netgear with that login info, left it on auto dhcp.

will i run into problems is my question? how should it be setup if so? cant bridge the 2701 correct?

Hamilton, ON

I have a D-Link DIR-825 behind a 2-Wire that has been working for years.

The 2-Wire should set itself up automatically.

My usual procedure has many steps (but only 15 minutes) and gets some people’s nose out of joint because it is unnecessary.

The 2-Wire remembers too much and you have to break the cycle.

Before you start, you need to know your b1xxxxxx login & password and your SSID and password. All will need to be re-entered.

Simply, I would do the following:
1. Turn off all devices; 2-Wire 2701, NETGEAR WDR4000 and all computers.
2. Remove all Ethernet cables except the phone line to the 2-Wire.
3. Restart and then reset the 2Wire. Restarting the 2-Wire could take 2 – 3 minutes and then another 2 – 3 minutes to reset and re-restart the 2-wire
4. Re-start the computer that you will use to enter logins & passwords
5. Connect an Ethernet cable between the restarted computer & the 2-Wire (any port)
6. Let the system come up and login to the 2-Wire;
7. Follow the onscreen instructions. Basically you will need to enter the b1xxxxxx and password and wait & wait & wait. At some point you should have access to the internet. If / when it works; turn off the computer and shut down the 2-Wire.
8. Remove the Ethernet cable.
9. Restart the 2-Wire and wait for a restart.
10. Start the NETGEAR WDR4000 and wait for a reboot.
11. Connect an Ethernet cable from your primary computer to the NETGEAR WDR4000 and wait for the computer to reboot.
12. Connect an Ethernet cable from an LAN port on the 2-Wire to the WAN port on the NETGEAR WDR4000 and wait
13. The 2-Wire should reconfigure itself to bridge mode automatically.
14. Wait until you have Internet access from your primary computer
15. You may have to restart both boxes.

From start to finish this is about 15 minutes.

Some notes:

1. Don’t be impatient; let the devices properly reset and restart
2. The 2-Wire should set itself up in bridge mode with the login in the 2-Wire
3. The 2-Wire may turn on wireless by default and it should be turned off if you are going to use the NETGEAR device for wireless.
4. Use WPA2 AES wireless security. WEP, WPA / WPA2 with TKIP security is poor.
5. Many laptops from several years ago can have their wireless cards upgraded to WPA2 / AES
6. Dell; for e.g. will let you know how to upgrade wireless security
7. I called Dell about my son’s old laptop that had WEP wireless g and the new suggested card will run at wireless n and WPA2 / AES

If you need more help or clarification; post back

Good luck,




Thanks for the post.