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FIOS Awesome


[Northeast] I'm moving soon to Doormont Pennsylvania ....

What kind of deal can I get for Internet Phone n TV.... I'm looking @ the 50/35 package... I was hopeing to spend NO MORE than $100 inc. taxes and HD box for life since I have ALL 3 thru Verizon... IF NOT then i'm sorry i'll have to go with Comcrap, cuz with them I can get Internet Phone TV for $90+taxes AND FREE upgrade in speed.... Please lemme know.. Thank you very much

Grants Pass, OR
Well, first off, this isn't the VZ Fios make a wish site. Next, there is no "Doormont" PA. There is a Dormont, PA located in Allegheny, County but it doesn't show up on VZ's build out list. So, you might want to confirm availability before worrying about price.


Allen, TX
I have seen FIOS drop boxes on the poles down in that area, but not all parts.

The best thing to do is find the address and punch it into the website and it'll tell you.

FIOS Awesome

reply to aguen
I WASNT saying it was, Just was saying what I was looking for and at what price... It is in Allegheny County, I heard that Doormont WAS filled with either FIOS or Comcrap... I sure hope I DONT have to go Comcraps way... I'll b VERY dissopointed in that, cuz of ALL the slowdowns... Ok, i'll do whatcha said, n i'm POSITIVE Verizon's already there...


Allen, TX
Comcast is fine, they don't have slowdowns..

I have FIOS because I don't want a CAP (work from home). If you don't care about that then does it really matter?? I believe Comcast has more HD channels, but I'm not 100% sure.

If i had a choice for TV i'd go back to DirecTV, but I'm in a contract and it's not worth my headache.