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This is a sub-selection from Frightening

Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to PaulHikeS2

Re: Frightening

said by PaulHikeS2:

And we vote for the electors. The system works as designed.

Nope. Each state is different. It is up to the state to decide how electors are appointed. Each political party chooses electors. In most states, if their parties candidate wins the states popular vote then their parties chosen electors get to place the official votes. Most states dont list the electors names on the ballots. I think only 5 states have people vote for the candidate/electoral representative.
In most states the electors only vote in line with popular vote out of tradition. Some states have enacted laws that force the electors to vote with that states popular vote.

The electoral college was a compromise from one side that wanted to have congress elect the president and the other side that wanted the people to elect the president.
One reason for the compromise that led them away from the popular votes was issues with slavery between the north and south.
Another reason was small states favored the electoral system as during those times you were a citizen of your state first and country second, so they had a hardon for states power and the felt that a popular vote would give their state less power.

The original argument for compromise (to have congress elect the president) does not exist to day, thus it makes no sense to keep the electoral compromise going.
The only side left with a valid argument in the compromise is the popular vote side. Why keep doing something when there is no reason anymore to justify it??