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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

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reply to OmagicQ

Re: [Internet] Poll: Have your issues been resolved?

said by OmagicQ:

said by BHNtechXpert:

said by OmagicQ:

I have a direct forum post that appears forgotten. But its of no consequence since the issue seems to have resolved itself or was resolved remotely without notice.

Um... check your direct thread...you were not forgotten at all I was waiting for a response from you but instead we can take care of it by phone...number has been provided.

Thanks. I didn't understand you wanted me to give you a specific date and time. With other companies, my experience has been that I get an appointment assigned, for example "We will send someone out Thursday between 9am and 5pm"...service on my schedule is rare.

No worries...the operating philosophy here is and always has been to try and work around your schedule as clearly demonstrated by support that often continues well into the late evening, weekends and holidays. You choose this form of communication because its more convenient for you and I always do my best to continue that through all the way to the dispatching of techs as needed on your schedule whenever possible. This isn't always the fastest process because we go through a ton of question and answers and testing but when a tech is sent it's one tech visit and one resolution. Simply stated if you are reaching out to me late night your schedule is most likely already packed...my goal is to waste as little of your time as possible and get you that resolution the first time!
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