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Huntsville, AL
reply to audee

Re: [Price] Cable Card Pricing!!

The basic rate for an additional cable card has been $2.50 for a while so the CC cost is pretty well established.
As audee points out, the fcc does not want the box rate subsidized. If the extra outlet rate is $10 then the minimum charge to add a full box on an account would be $12.50 if the actual box itself is valued a $0.
The FCC regulations on the box value are very well defined (cost of box amortized over x number of months.) I suspect that comcast is buying so few actual non-DVR boxes that they are hoping to declare that the actual cost of the bulk of the old set top boxes is now pretty much paid off. The $20 DVR free and any non-dvr fee above $12.50 leaves plenty of wiggle room to declare a $10 A/O fee acceptable.
All this is probably something that can be slipped past the nose of the bureaucratic and well lobbied FCC. But it is totally despicable behavior to try and nickle and dime the consumer with the endless fees and charges to help support the elite entertainment content provider class. But as long as we keep buying it, I guess we deserve what we get.
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