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reply to nbinont

Re: Google DNS versus ours

said by nbinont:

said by TSI Gabe:

K...honestly this is going to be hard to reproduce now that we are running other DNS servers...I guess keep me posted if it happens again and I'll take another look. Since right now I'm able to resolve those domains just fine.

Thanks! I'll follow up and try to reproduce it.

Well, it seems like whatever Gabe did over the last week has fixed it for me! I verified that it was still acting up a few days ago (and it was), but tonight it seems to be resolving correctly the first time.

I waited for the cached entry to expire in TSI's DNS server, then asked it to resolve the site again. Last week it would fail a few times before finally getting something for the cache, and then be good until the cache expired again.

Tonight, after the cache expired it worked the first time. Waited for the cache to expire again (30 min expiry in this case), and tried again. Success again!

I assume I must be on one of Gabe's new DNS servers - and they seem to be working well!

Guess I'll have to go update my review...


Burlington, ON
Good news, time to change things up on my setup a bit and see for myself.