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Carlisle, PA
reply to Subaru

Re: Gasonline cans recommendations

said by Subaru:

This is the can I have


I saw all the bad reviews about it before I got it, but it's been a year now and I've used it a few times and during the last huricane and I never had an issue.

I'll 2nd that recommendation. I've got that style in the following:
2x 5 Gallon Gasoline
1x 5 Gallon Kerosene
1x 2 Gallon Gas

They are great cans. A little on the slow side when filling, say the generator which takes 6 gallons but for the lawn mower they work awesome. For kerosene I use a hand pump so cannot comment on the spout.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

I have that style but not the extended spout.

Greenwich, CT
reply to itguy05

Yeah I need to get a bigger gas can I have the 1 gal one which for what reason I don't know why I got it because my generator takes 1 gal to fill lol

But when closed and the temp rises you can see the tank holding the pressure, I think a lot of those people used it wrong, mine came with the flexible spout, picked it up at lowes 2 years ago.

I have two 5 gal Kerosene cans and with it being full it can be a little much to handle, but on the spout it has a little tab that you rest on the lip (careful not to flex it) and that's what keeps it open while you pour, as soon as you lift up the spout closes.
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Tulsa, OK
reply to itguy05

Blitz was driven into liquidation from the aforementioned BS lawsuits.

They were manufactured locally; the plant closed and the workers lost their jobs.

They were one of the manufacturers who begged the Federal Government to set standards for Gas cans so they could be protected from liability. They are good cans but when the existing stock runs out nationwide they are gone forever.

Link if anyone is interested....


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