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Richmond, VA

[Pricing] Questions about starting and stopping service and paym

I currently have a sprint phone and tether on Wimax (use at most 1Gb [including not tethering] for the month). I'm about to upgrade to a new phone and will lose Wimax.

I currently work between 2 hospitals. Hospital #1 has Wifi, and the hospital #2 doesn't, but hospital #2 is wired for Wimax. I get excellent speeds at the second hospital and am heavily considering getting a hotspot to use while I'm there.

I have read some posts that clear will give you a hard time if you try to cancel service.

This brings me to my questions:
1) Is there truly no activation fee? Specifically: if I activate and deactivate multiple times a year (only when I'm working at hospital #2 will I need the service), will I truly not have to worry about an activation fee? I want to make certain that I don't get slammed a fee the 5th time I activate the service.

2) Do you have to set up recurring payments, or can I just pay month to month? Like I mentioned, I'll only be at this place like a month at a time with gaps in between.

3) If I cancel service early within the month, will I get a refund for the unused portion or should I just ride out the month?

4) Lastly (and not related to price), if anyone has the slower tier, do you notice speeds going over the cap or does that never occur?

These may sound like unusual questions, but if it works out, I could have Wimax for only a couple hundred a year and use it only when I need it.

To whomever decides to help, I really appreciate it.