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Re: Upgraded to MTS Ultimate TV, now my internet sucks

just trying it now on my connection at home (lightning and ultimate tv), commercials loaded quick

For youtube it makes sense for it to drop out, youtube has started to limit buffer times to X seconds ahead (i don't know how long, i just know it stops).

As for CBC, played fine, global played fine.

If you're getting 10 mbps through your modem, it doesn't seem like it's mts' problem


Thanks for the reply and the test. I was thinking about this last night and I decided to download a large file from microsoft.com. I found the same thing happening. It downloads fast for about 40 seconds and then basically stalls, then speeds up for another 40 seconds, then stalls. Here is what the graph of a download from microsoft.com looks like:

I agree, it doesn't sound like MTS's problem, but I have this same problem on 1 hardwired PC, 2 wireless laptops, and 1 apple tv 2. I even turned off everything but the 1 hardwired PC and I still get the same result.

I think if the speedtest.net could do a longer test (like 2 minutes), then I'd see the problem there too. Does anyone know a speedtest site that will do a longer test?