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This is a sub-selection from let them live


Glen Burnie, MD
reply to TuxRaiderPen

Re: let them live

said by TuxRaiderPen:

said by moonpuppy:
Just like Verizon before it realized how big of a mistake it was for them.
Thats your opinion it was a mistake.... I think it was a mistake to allow this cult on to the VZW network...it screwed over more existing customers in many ways...

This was a strictly greedy Gordon Gecko stockholder BS $$ grab.

Yeah, when Verizon was bleeding customers because ATT had the iPhone and Verizon did not.

Verizon was selling their service over their phones and it was well known that Verizon's phone lineup was basic. This site even published a study that showed that 49% of the people switching to ATT for the iPhone were from Verizon. They had to beef up their phone offerings (which included Android phones) but they still wanted that Apple magic and then started begging for the iPhone.

You thinking it was a mistake is a consumer view but I can't tell you how many people, on this very site, whined about wanting an iPhone but not wanting ATT service.