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Brilliant, AL
·exede by ViaSat
reply to silbaco

Re: [Exede] Exede and DSL

said by silbaco:

Hope it works for you. That would be great if it were actually 10mbps. How soon will it be in?

They could have came today and put it in, but I am out of town, so it will be next Friday before the local tech comes out. I wish I could get them to replace the line that comes in to the network interface from the telephone pole about 200ft away from my house. I am the only residence that the pole serves. I think that years ago when the cable was laid (1987) they used a lot of extra because evidently who ever laid the cable got paid by the foot. It would be nice if the lines could be clean enough to get more than the 4.0, but I bet that is the limit as it stands now.