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Henderson, NC
reply to mywetconnect

Re: [Embarq] It rains and my speeds drop by a third

I got this "Engrish" reply today. I count at least 5 grammatical errors but there might be more. Reading this drivel makes my head hurt and my eyes water.

"I'm sorry to hear that your having issues with your speeds. Now I've reviewed your account I'm currently showing every in good standing. Now when the service does seems to decreases what lights are on the modem?
What I would recommend you do is when it happen again to give us a call that way we can properly troubleshoot for you."

CenturyLink, is this really what you want your "customer service" reps to send out? The buffoon who wrote this can't even write at junior high school level. How on earth is he supposed to address any technical issues? This is an unmitigated disgrace and confirms that my switching carriers was certainly the correct decision.

Yes, it was posted here to embarrass CenturyLink, assuming they can even be embarrassed. What a failure.