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This is a sub-selection from on the customer side

West Tenness
reply to norbert26

Re: on the customer side

said by norbert26:

Valid points but i refuse to buy a 4s that i KNOW is obsolete right out of the box.

If iphone 4s does what you want or need it to do then it's not obsolete.

As far as there will be no more dumb phones not everyone wants a smart phone. Theres a few that just want a simple dumb phone like the elderly that can't handle these touch screens. They should leave a choice.

Not everyone wants an flat screen HDTV but good luck finding a old SD CRT being made still.

Go take a look at Verizon's offerings for basic phones. They have a total of 10, that's it, TEN. Go back 6 years how many did they have? Dozens? Maybe over 100? So what makes you think in another 6 years dumbphones will still be around? There isn't any money in dumbphones an if manufacturers don't want to make them anymore they aren't going to. And as you said they said they will obsolete in a few years so why bother? People still using dumb phone are the kind that typically hold onto a phone for years. So really no point in even making these things much longer. Unless you are suggesting they will make a 4G dumbphone. I'm really dubious of that.


Jamaica, NY
I love my 16:9 CRT HDTV.

·Cox HSI
·KCH Cable
reply to 88615298
I don't know, I still see a "base" phone, or several, being around for some time.

Doesn't mean it won't have further features, or use different frequencies ("LTE"). Perhaps not quite as 'dumb' as they are now, but then again, even the most basic phones these days continue to gain more features (camera, color screens, voice recognition...).

Your analogy also misses the "size factor" - smaller TVs, with fewer features still exist