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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to JB

Re: [Raiding] Mogu'Shan Vaults

said by JB:

Same here, Spirit kings was sure easy.

Nick - what you might need to do is cut down the first couple of totems to only half the time, this will let you get the extra dps on the boss. Also, if you used 3 healers, try 2, it's pretty easy with endless mana. Also you can try to quit sending in people earlier and simply stack and zerg. Healing isn't THAT bad.

We did 2 heal it (even early on; our DPS has never been baller in the slightest). Our strat ended up being this:

There's a pair of A-Team DPS: they are the first two to go down. Order by preference and ability to kill adds. They stay down until the next totem spawns, keep add numbers down.

They go down 3 times in a row to stack their buff high. They're only up for enough time to get to the next totem.

4th time, another pair go down, and the A-Team DPSes boss like crazy. The A-team goes down again on the 5th totem, which lets them maintain the stack.

Healers rotate independent of which team goes down. I was comfortable with our healer management.

This system let our better add killers manage adds (a DK and spriest in this case), while our better single target DPS (read: the rogue) were able to stay up and just do a lot more damage to the boss instead of losing out to running around and target switching.

But it still feels like we don't have enough boss DPS. We had people stop going down around 30%.

Stay Gold
Sounds like you're doing most things right. The enrage timer is just really tight.