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How do Repeater

How do repeaters work? Usually what they consist of is A Antenna on the roof. The ones I am familar with have an antenna that looks like a V with a Rod in the middle of it and then they aim it at the nearest cell site. the signal comes into the building, into an amplifier that amplifys the signal, then there are small antenna's that look similar to smoke detectors scattered throughout the building. This is just a generic description of the ones I have seen. You dont nessecarily need an antenna on every level. what I have observed is the higher you get in a building, the reception usually gets better. But you also depending on how much area you are trying to cover have to size your amplifier accordingly and the last I messed with them they were limited to roughly 80,000 sq ft. Maybe they do more now I dont know. Also, its roughly 20K per install.