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Looking for internet solutions for manufacturer


I have just came aboard a manufacturing company in NE Ohio that currently has a single T1 line running about 100 workstations. The first thing I have noticed is that the peak demand on the internet throughout the day is completely insufficient for the number of users making legitimate and illegitimate web requests.

Currently, we have T1 through AT&T which is running us about $800/month for this service. While I am not a savant on the various options available, I do know that this seems like an extremely expensive option for pitiful web access.

I have obtained quotes for coaxial solutions from TWC and for less than 50% of the price ($385/mo) we can get 50mb down 5up and bring much needed relief to the people wishing to get modern day speed to the internet. While I realize there is probably a higher risk of outages going with coaxial solutions, currently everyday is a partial outage due to heavy traffic and overloading the current T1. This has to be addressed.

I've heard the sales pitch from reps about bonded T1 solutions, and how they will be more reliable due to several loops, but the cost effectiveness of these solutions just seem too high to justify for a company of our size.

Again, and I could be totally off base with this line of thinking, but wouldn't a coaxial 50/5 solution with a business class DSL as a dormant fail safe be just as/if not more reliable considering we have two ISPs/separate lines that would have to simultaneously fail to create a full blown outage? This would still be roughly 50% of the current monthly costs, with 30x the bandwidth of the current configuration. Is my novice eye/mind overlooking important details?

I would appreciate any advice/wisdom you may have on the subject matter. I would like to gain as much information to see what kind of options we can implement to get a better and more productive network.

100ish workstations (mostly xp)
4 servers (running combination of 2000/2003/2008)
PRI (currently used for phone system. Happily take suggestions here too, I know very little)
No cloud or offsite backup currently (50mb down would be helpful for this if implemented)

Washington, DC
First of all, you are absolutely correct that $800 is way to much to pay for a T1. Is this a highly rural area? Typical T1 pricing that we secure for our clients fall anywhere from $200-400 depending on location. For $800, you are well within a price range for dedicated Ethernet access, in fact just today we posted on another DSL reports request for quote, 10x10 Ethernet from a Tier 1 provider for $522. It sounds like your ATT rep may not be getting you guys the most competitive price.

Here's a quick differentiation between Shared cable/DSL and dedicated circuits like T1, DS3 or Ethernet. Business class cable and DSL are “Best Effort” services - which basically means that while they are selling you 50/5, they don't guarantee that you are going to get it. In fact, because these are shared connections, during high usage times, you will only get a fraction of the quoted bandwidth. And I'm not talking about high usage times for your employees, I'm talking about other businesses in your area using TWC. It's even harder to control stability if your 100 users also have peak times throughout the day. Bottom line difference is that with a T1 or better, your bandwidth is the same, day or night, heavy usage or minimal. You can count it - and they guarantee it.

This is just one of probably a dozen reason why most companies these days are coming to us looking to switch from shared to dedicated bandwidth (BTW we sell cable and dsl service as well).

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Thanks and good luck!


Yorba Linda, CA
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We can definitely help with all of your current services. We represent all the major telecom providers including Time Warner Cable and AT&T so we know exactly what prices can be obtained. Based on your brief explanation there are a few different options that you could consider, but you would need to give us a call at toll free (888) 765-8301 for a FREE no obligation consultation so we can give you accurate information.

You can also test out our real-time quoting tool at »www.ethernetfiberprovider.com for different kinds of Bandwidth and Voice services from all of the top providers. Please don't hesitate to call, because based on the limited information you've given it's just too hard to tell what solutions are available with absolute certainty.

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Yikes- $800 for a T1?!? That sounds like pre year 2000 prices. Even in extremely rural areas I don't think I've seen T1s cost that much any time in recent memory. And having 100 workstations on a single T1, wow...that's another pre 2000 flashback.. Not sure how this has been sustainable on any level in this era of graphically intensive websites and streaming media, etc.

If you decide to keep the T1, I would recommend immediately finding a new carrier and obtaining an updated quote. Also, look into options for EoC (Ethernet-over-Copper) which is a more efficient, scalable, and less costly T1 type of technology. If you decide to use Time Warner Cable for the main Internet line- perhaps consider implementing T1, bonded T1s, or EoC as your failsafe/backup connection.

*Please contact me directly if you need any price quotes:


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Chesapeake, VA
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If it will help, you can get a snap shot comparison of multiple providers available for your location via email (real time) ... free and no obligation just by requesting a quote via this portal:

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Eaton Rapids, MI
reply to emajin
I think we can help out here. Not only for your bandwidth needs but for your phone needs as well. You can send me an email at adam at voxitytelecom.com