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[House&Home] House CO estimate ...

Well, I started going over the need to extend my home to accommodate our growing family back in early February 2012. In mid February I gave a deposit to an architect. Plans, and engineering, took until the end of April. Bidding took about 3 weeks. Approval from the town for the addition itself took until the end of June (note no foundational changes were made).

After that, work began. It has taken 2 months to get approval for a separate, but related massive extension of our driveway. A septic tank splice to provide a new underground drain took 2 weeks to get approved (green tagged) and held up work as it is connected to the foundation of the new area (above our garage). The health department inspector took off a week and a half without notifying us. Work on framing couldn't begin until the ditch was filled and the foundational elements around the garage (closing the foundation where the new septic drain runs in) were approved by the town.

My builder estimates 2.5 weeks from Monday before the exterior garage and attached breezeway are framed up to 2 stories (this will be about a 1,40' of new area), with roof, but no interior framing. The old garage and breezeway were a single story.

Looking at the electric, HVAC, flooring, stairs, garage door and plumbing timetable. I'm getting around December 15, for the addition to be sufficiently complete to permit inspection and get a certificate of occupancy.

My goal was to start the work in May, and be finished by the end of August.

I substantially underestimated my town and the approval / inspection process.

Most of what I wanted (90% +) was approved, some extras which came up along the way are also added without grief.

No foundation footprint was altered.

What amazes me is how to totally unprepared I was for the permit / engineering / review / permit process.

I've learned a lot, and my circa 1971 house, will be updated mostly to modern code. 60% of the house will have 2x6 construction, the part that doesn't will have R10 sheathing under the new concrete siding, inside all old 2x4 walls were upgraded to R15 years ago.

Oil is gone, we will be heat pump only with electric auxiliary heat. 400 amp service will be fed underground via conduit. We will have automatic switches to a 20 KW generator in the event of a power failure or severe brownout (less than 95 volts).

Our home will increase from 3,200 square feet to 4,950 square feet. We weren't permitted by zoning to have more than 5,000 square feet.

This is absolutely the last major addition I plan to put on my home. I just hope interest rates stay low as it doesn't appear I'll be getting a new mortgage until early next year.
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