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Grand Rapids, MI
reply to OZO

Re: Big Daddy Knows How To Protect You! MS Blocks Flash on Metro

said by OZO:

Hmm, interesting... My Chromium v24.0.1278.0 doesn't ask anything. It just opens in the same tab empty page (URL = "...video.wmv"), waits for 30 sec, launches new WMP window and plays content there. It should be some security option, but where is that?

Hi OZ..will chromium let you do this ? Chrome seems to do it all by default as explained here..

Blocked plug-ins
Plug-ins help browsers process special types of web content, like Flash or Windows Media files. Some plug-ins, such as Flash, are used by many websites on the Internet. Other plug-ins are only used by a small number of sites. Plug-ins are allowed by default. However, since they can occasionally be a security risk, Google Chrome blocks plug-ins that are outdated or those that are not widely used. Examples include Java, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Shockwave, Windows Media Player and Adobe Reader prior to Adobe Reader X. You can use the Content Settings dialog to block all plug-ins. When this happens, you will see a message such as the following:

"The Java plug-in needs your permission to run."

You should only run the plug-in if you trust the website you are visiting (for example, your banking website might legitimately use a Java applet).

To let the plug-in run on the site, follow these steps:

To run the plug-in just this once, click Run this time in the message. The plug-in will run, but if you re-visit the site, you'll be asked for permission to run the plug-in again.
To always allow the current site to run the plug-in, click Always run on this site. Subsequent visits to the site will run the plug-in without asking again.
To always allow this type of plug-in to run, go to chrome://plugins, find the plug-in and select the Always allowed checkbox.

Gladiator Security Forum

Thank you, NG. When I connect to the site via Proxomitron, I get two options (buttons) Toggle and Media: wmv. If I click on first button, I'm getting WMP plugin on the page, movie file is Downloaded, but plugin never plays it. If I click on the latter, the new and empty page is opened, video file is downloaded and is played in separate WMP process. If I bypass Proxomitron, the WMP plugin is in place at the beginning, file is Downloaded, but it's never played...

In chrome://plugins/ page WMP plugin is enabled. I tried it with check box Always allowed set on and cleared and there is absolutely no difference at all, whatsoever. I don't see any warning bar on the top of Chromium browser, like you mentioned. Actually I've never seen it at all... That's why I was wondering what is it and how to get it too... May be it is one of the differences between Chromium and Chrome, I don't know.
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