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Washington, DC
reply to emajin

Re: Looking for internet solutions for manufacturer

First of all, you are absolutely correct that $800 is way to much to pay for a T1. Is this a highly rural area? Typical T1 pricing that we secure for our clients fall anywhere from $200-400 depending on location. For $800, you are well within a price range for dedicated Ethernet access, in fact just today we posted on another DSL reports request for quote, 10x10 Ethernet from a Tier 1 provider for $522. It sounds like your ATT rep may not be getting you guys the most competitive price.

Here's a quick differentiation between Shared cable/DSL and dedicated circuits like T1, DS3 or Ethernet. Business class cable and DSL are “Best Effort” services - which basically means that while they are selling you 50/5, they don't guarantee that you are going to get it. In fact, because these are shared connections, during high usage times, you will only get a fraction of the quoted bandwidth. And I'm not talking about high usage times for your employees, I'm talking about other businesses in your area using TWC. It's even harder to control stability if your 100 users also have peak times throughout the day. Bottom line difference is that with a T1 or better, your bandwidth is the same, day or night, heavy usage or minimal. You can count it - and they guarantee it.

This is just one of probably a dozen reason why most companies these days are coming to us looking to switch from shared to dedicated bandwidth (BTW we sell cable and dsl service as well).

CommQuotes consists of a team of unbiased experts trained in finding business the most cost effective telecom options available. We work with companies large and small, domestic and international alike. We are partnered with over 100 carriers with exclusive strategic relationships designed to give us the leverage we need to get our clients the absolute lowest priced solutions.

But we are more than best prices. In fact, our team consists of some of the most respected telecom experts in the country. There's no charge for our services and our expert consulting is free whether you do business with us or not. We can help you choose the right solution.

If you are open to discussing further, IM me or email me directly at phils@commquotes.com.

Thanks and good luck!