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Woodbridge, VA
reply to zippoboy7

Re: 4G network is crap

said by zippoboy7:

Unless Verizon figures out how to make there 4G network penetrate large energy efficient buildings there 4G network will continue to be crap. Where I work I can stand outside the building and get a full 4G signal, inside the building I get 1-2 bars of 3G and 1 bar of 4G if I stand in 1 corner near the windows. I have called and bitched about it but it just fails to get through to them that there network sucks. The only answer from the highest manager they would let me speak to was to spend about $1 million to put in repeaters on every floor of the building (32 floors), that kind of answer is just not acceptable.

Just the opposite for me. There were many buildings i could not get a 3G signal if anything at all. But when I switched to a 4G phone, I still couldn't get 3G in thoses areas, but had no problems getting two or 3 bars with 4G. Which is still faster than 3G. In one of out buildings at work, down levels below ground, i get a nice 4G signal from Verizon. While 3G is non existent and co-workers with other carrries have difficulty. 4G has been excellent here in the DC area. i get it around 95% of the time in DC and the surrounding Virgina and maryland areas.