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Nick D
Orange, CA

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reply to Cuthgar

Re: [MoP] Great Post - I couldn't agree more

Cata had a lot to do if you enjoyed alting. But if you were a guy who just played a main, you probably ran into lack of content.

Like, their market research probably shows they had a lot of people who raided LFR on Tuesday, capped valor by Wednesday, and went "... well now what?". This is their solution.

Forcing people to play more during the week probably keeps engagement up and makes people ... not necessarily "not get bored" but at least not get distracted.

They do a lot of experimenting. I still haven't run scenarios or challenge modes yet, but I see the very casual in my guild doing scenarios, and the more hardcore players are crying for me to come tank CMs (sorry, I still have to get a @#*&(@*#& hat from Scarlet "fuck-you" Monastery), so that's a thing.

That said, if they could have some sort of BOA rep items and NOT make my alts take a month to catch up ... that'd be nice.