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Re: [Misc] OLD Airequipt Automatic SRC slide projector

Please say more about what happens when u try to use it.
Does the light come on? Put a tray in and touch forward. One slide should slide into the light path.

If no light, check the bulb and socket n contacts. If no advance or slide movement, try tiny amount wd40.

For screen you can use any white wall. Fancier are the more reflective brighter screens with glass beads. Align rhe projector to be parallel to rhe screen.

Or just skip all that and send the slides out to be scanned or get a scanner with a slide scan attachment. Orif you have a patience n a macro lens just put the slides on a lightbox and photograph them



The projector runs well but I can't figure out how to put the slides in. The slides are in those rectangle and circular things and I guess those connect to the projector somehow.