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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to KingOfPants

Re: [Sci-Fi] B5: Another has passed beyond the rim...

said by KingOfPants:

Just finished watching through the series for the first time. Now onto crusade.

[Crusade] unfortunately never had a chance.

Damn network bean-counters ruined it then cancelled it in its cradle.

Straczynski tried to remove his name as writer and use an insulting fake one. A tactic pioneered by Harlan Ellison. But the Writers Guild stopped Straczynski from doing it.

103 Racing the Night
101 The Needs of Earth
102 The Memory of War
107 The Long Road
104 Visitors from Down the Street
106 The Well of Forever
105 Each Night I Dream of Home
110 Patterns of the Soul
109 The Path of Sorrows
111 Ruling from the Tomb
112 The Rules of the Game
108 War Zone
113 Appearances and Other Deceits

That's how Straczynski recommends you view it.